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Effects of exogenous phytase and b-mannanase on ileal and total tract digestibility of energy and nutrient in palm kernel expeller-containing diets fed to growing pigs Korea Animal feed science and technology
Effects of energy levels of diet and b-mannanase supplementation on growth performance,apparent total tract digestibility and blood metabolites in growing pigs Korea Animal Feed Science and Technology
Effect of Dietary -Mannanase Supplementation and Palm Kernel Meal Inclusion on Laying Performance and Egg Quality in 73 Weeks Old Hens Korea Kangwon National University
Effects of Supplemental Phytase and -Mannanase on Energy and Nutrient Digestibility in Diets Containing Palm Kernel Expeller Fed to Pigs Korea Konkook University
Effect of a -Mannanase on Nutrient Digestibility in Corn-Soybean Meal Diets for Broiler Chicks USA University of Arkansas
Effect of -Mannanase on Broiler Performance and Dry Matter Output Using Corn-Soybean Meal Based Diets USA University of Arkansas
Mannanase Addition to Nursery Pig Diets Improves Growth Performance USA University of Arkansas
Effect of Dietary Mannanase Supplementation on Pig Growth Performance USA University of Arkansas
Supplementation of b-mannanase to starter and grower diets for broilers USA Purdue University(CJAS)
Effect of dietary DDGS and mannanase supplementation on the growth,nutrients utilizability and immune response of broilers fed either high or low energy diet Korea Kangwon National University(AAAP)
Effects of mannanase and distillers dried grain with solubles on growth performance,nutrient digestibility, and carcass characteristics of grower-finisher pigs Korea Kangwon National University(JAS)